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April 23, 2007

My First Mac in 20+ Years

While I've been using Kat's Macs as much as I could get away with I haven't owned a Mac of my own in over 20 years. (It was an Apple IIe.) After lots of indecision, I picked the Apple iMac with 24" Display (2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive.)

I upgraded the RAM to a total of 3GB and also purchased the AppleCare Protection Plan but I decided against upgrading the processor or video card as I didn't feel the performance increase was needed for my use. Since I don't do any video editing and very rarely play games all these upgrades would have given me are higher electric bills. I'd also rather put that $375 toward software and other accessories.

I bought the machine last Monday and after a weeks worth of use I am thrilled with it! I've been playing around with the Parallels for Mac trial and I'm very impressed with it so far. I've pretty much have had it running 24/7 with mIRC and Google Talk open in it. Before, my usage of Parallels was limited to short sessions with Excel on Kat's MacBook Pro. I've found that Parallels runs mIRC faster and better than it ran on any of my dedicated WinXP machines. This has also been the case with a few other programs I've tried out, including some demanding RAW workflow applications and Adobe Poopshop. I can't see a reason right now to even bother with BootCamp.

I've also been trying out a lot of Mac specific programs and found a few that I don't like at all and others I wish I had bought a Mac for sooner. One of these is MarsEdit. Another is QuickSilver. Yet another is TextExpander. Twitterrific is cool. CamTwist is fun.

I still need to give Transmit a try and find something that is similar to TopStyle. If I can't find anything that's native to the Mac I could continue to use TopStyle in Parallels but I'd need to find an automatic way to sync my folders in Parallels and on my Mac continuously in real time. Anyone have any suggestions?

One of the biggest disappointments with my new Mac is Microsoft's fault! Of course! I love a program they acquired called FolderShare but its Mac client doesn't fracking work on the Intel Macs anymore. I've found some posts that claimed an Apple Tiger Security Update caused it to stop working but any information is hard to find on it. Support requests to Microsoft have gone unanswered. I desperately need a way to sync specific folders on my Mac with folders on my Windows machines, like FolderShare is supposed to do. If I can find something to sync with the folders in Parallels that'll work too as FolderShare seems to run perfectly within my Parallels desktop. I'd really appreciate any ideas or suggestions!


very good sir!

I have to say that I dislike being able to discover hip new mac os programs because I basically use all of the core mac programs that you mention.

My other recommendations:

- camino as a web browser: it's bascially firefox written (rather than just ported) for the mac. It interacts all nice with the keychain and the services menu, but it's basically a more optimized version of firefox, and thats a good thing.

- adium of course, as a trillain/im replacement.

- colloquy for IRC, though I think I have to agree on the point of using mirc in parallels, because I'd probably do that as well.

- net news wire is pretty awesome, I think it's due for an update soon, but it's REALLY solid.

that's about it :)


Posted by: tychoish at April 23, 2007 09:10 AM

OH how sweet it is, to see you fall over to the dark side.

aka DataBrokers

Posted by: Robert W Gilcrease at April 23, 2007 11:04 AM

For FTP....I really like Yummy FTP.

I found that Transmit...while nice, tended to have problems downloading large amounts of files from sites.

Posted by: kb at April 25, 2007 03:37 PM

I like the good 'ole standby called Fetch for FTP.

Posted by: Chris Brewer at May 29, 2007 07:54 PM

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