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June 08, 2007

How To Choose A Properly Sized Air Conditioning Unit

This summer is going to be a hot one and if you don't have an air conditioner you're probably going to want one!

To conserve energy and also ensure that you cool the room properly it's very important that you choose an air conditioning unit that is the appropriate size for the room it will be installed in.

First you need to calculate the square footage of the room. For square and rectangular rooms, multiply the length of the area by its width if it's a triangular area, multiply the length of the area by the width and divide by 2.

Then choose the correct cooling capacity needed for the room using the Energy Star chart below:

Area To Be Cooled (square feet) Capacity Needed (BTUs per hour)
100 to 1505,000
150 to 2506,000
250 to 3007,000
300 to 3508,000
350 to 4009,000
400 to 45010,000
450 to 55012,000
550 to 70014,000
700 to 1,00018,000
1,000 to 1,20021,000
1,200 to 1,40023,000
1,400 to 1,50024,000
1,500 to 2,00030,000
2,000 to 2,50034,000

Keep in mind that if the room is very sunny you'll need to increase the air conditioner's capacity by 10% or if it is heavily shaded room you can reduce it by 10%. If there are more than two people typically in the room, you should also add 600BTUs for each person over that. Kitchens generate more heat and should be increased by at least 4,000 BTUs!

[EPA Energy Star via Consumerist]

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