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June 12, 2007

50 Must Have Mac Applications

Six Seven of my friends bought Macs today or will be buying a Mac this week.

In order to avoid answering the same questions about software over and over. Here's all the Mac software (listed alphabetically) that I currently have installed on my iMac and/or my wife's MacBook Pro, love to use, and don't hesitate to recommend. I will also be installing all these (except Parallels) on my MacBook that is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

  1. Adium - Multi-service IM client
  2. Alarm Clock - An alarm clock for the menu bar.
  3. AppDelete - Quickly remove entire applications
  4. AppFresh - Check for updates to all your applications
  5. Chicken of the VNC - Mac VNC client
  6. Coda - Web development application. Text editor, transmit, css editor, terminal and more. It's worth buying a mac just for it alone!
  7. Colloquy - IRC Client
  8. Delivery Status - See where your orders and packages are.
  9. Desktastic - Use your mouse to write anywhere on your screen.
  10. Disco - Drag and rop disc burning.
  11. DivX Player Pro - Plays DivX encoded files.
  12. Firefox - Open source web browser; a must have.
  13. Flip4Mac WMV - Plays WMV files.
  14. FreeDMG - Drag and drop disk imaging.
  15. Gimp - Image manipulation program.
  16. Google Earth - Mapping and satellite photography.
  17. Google Notifier - Lets you know when you have mail on Gmail and can make Gmail your default mail client.
  18. Growl - Super cool notifications, I love the Music Video style.
  19. Handbrake - DVD to Mpeg-4 Converter.
  20. HexEdit - HEX editor.
  21. iAlertU - An alarm system for your MacBook or MacBook Pro.
  22. iSafe - Password encryption and storage.
  23. iStat Pro - System monitoring widget.
  24. iStumbler - Find open wifi access points.
  25. iShowU - Screen recorder.
  26. iTunes & QuickTime - Do they even need a description?
  27. KisMAC - Find wireless networks invisibly... not intended for novices.
  28. - Uploads your music tastes to
  29. MacMAME - Play all your classic video games.
  30. MarsEdit - Blog authoring editor.
  31. MenuMeters - A set of monitoring tools for your menubar.
  32. Mozy - Unlimited backup of your files, photos, music, and documents for only $4.95 a month!
  33. MPlayer OSX - Plays flv and other media files.
  34. Opera - Free alternative web browser.
  35. Parallels - Run windows applications within the Mac OS.
  36. QuickSilver - Program launcher and time saver. Really only useful to keyboard shortcut lovers.
  37. RCDefaultApp -Change your default applications through a preference pane.
  38. Renamer4Mac - File renaming.
  39. SilverKeeper - Free and excellent backup utility.
  40. Skype - Video and audio conferencing.
  41. Sleepless - Keeps your Mac awake without changing your system preferences.
  42. Smultron - Open source text editor. Superb!
  43. Sound Source - Select audio inputs and outputs from the menu bar.
  44. SuperDuper - Hard drive backup made easy.
  45. Text Expander - Create abbreviations that paste in your custom text strings and images. Very useful for email signatures or form responses.
  46. Transmit - Panic's super FTP client.
  47. Twitterrific - See your friend's twits and post your own twitters to
  48. VLC - Video player and so much more.
  49. Vine VNC Server - Stable VNC server for the Mac OS.
  50. xScope - Essential tool for web developers. Measure elements and resize windows.

Note: Bolded applications I use daily.

What else would you recommend?

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There's a couple I didn't have, some other's I'd list, iTunes Alarm as an alarm alternative.

Disk Inventory X - this gives you a visual representation of what's on your hard drive and you can see what's taking up space.

Cyberduck - free FTP client alternative

Monolingual - remove all the language files you don't use

OnyX - Settings manager (must be Admin to use it)

If you're on a Mac Portable Doublecommand, modifies what keyboard keys do, (add a forward delete in, disable caps lock)

Xslimmer - removes the PPC or x86 code from your binaries in your Universal apps.

Posted by: JalenJade at June 12, 2007 01:15 AM


Posted by: AW at June 12, 2007 08:06 AM

Decent list, thanks for that.
I've got a profile up at Good site for checking out whats available and being used a lot.
Flip4Mac people have a new dvd imaging app out now called Drive In.
iBackup is one that I like and info.xhead is a must for me.
Oh, and for video encoding at a pro level, nothing beats Episode.

Posted by: Antonio at June 12, 2007 11:23 AM

VMWare kicks butt on Parallels. Try it. Faster, uses multi-cores/CPUS, uses less power running and idle, doesn't feel slow, doesn't take up all free ram, smaller footprint. Mostly no downside, just better. Maybe even be cheaper.

Posted by: msbob at January 23, 2008 11:06 PM

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