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June 23, 2007

Synchronizing Macs Seems Impossible

I was very excited when I learned about Picnic. I thought I finally found a solution to my syncing problems but it's sadly not what I need. It looked so promising.

Picnic only syncs folders it adds to your Public Folder and if that's all you need, you like it. I hope because it's still in Beta they're still not finished with it and will decide to expand the syncing options.

I'm looking for something to keep several existing folders in sync on my Macs (Documents, Downloads, Music, Sites, Pictures, etc.) Each of the folders has hundreds or thousands of files in a directory structure of subfolders. (FolderShare handled syncing large folders like this perfectly on Windows, but as previously mentioned their Mac version doesn't work properly with MAC OS X Tiger.)

I've also given Martin SlingShot a try as it allows me to specify the exact folders I want to keep in sync but it's been very unreliable and resource intensive. It's also very slow WHEN it is working.

I keep hearing that RsyncX can do what I'm looking for and I have tried to set it up a few times. But the directions are confusing and I'm not getting very far with it.

If a smart developer could come up with something that works as well as FolderShare (does on Windows) they'd have a great mac product that's sorely need by many Mac users. If it also found other systems using Bonjour instead of a remote server it'd be even sweeter.

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