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June 25, 2007

Getting Things Done, Why Isn't It A Web App?

I've always been obsessive about being organized and completing things. Since the release of the first PalmPilot I was using the Palm PDAs (owned 4 Palm PDAs) and the Palm Desktop to keep my calendar/appointments and to do list in order. Later I "upgraded" to the HP iPAQ 5555 and I was forced into using Outlook.

For almost a year I've been using a small spiral notebook for my to do lists. One page for each specific project and believe it or not, that's been far faster and more convenient but if I should lose that notebook I'd be in serious trouble as there are no "backups."

After hearing about GTD and reading many posts about it on LifeHacker and 43Folders I decided to take a look at some of the more popular GTD programs.

After a week of testing I've found iGTD to be the best. It has everything you expect plus many Mac specific features such as Growl and QuickSilver support. But it's the syncing options that move it to the top of the pack.

As wonderful as using iGTD is, I can't help but think that the entire application and space belongs online as an AJAX web application so that your GTD lists can be accessed on any computer (and even an iPhone.) For a company like Google it makes most sense. The advertising opportunities for context ads should have very high conversions.

GTDGMail comes close to accomplishing this by using Gmail itself but I'd much rather see Google or even Yahoo develop (or acquire) a full blown GTD web application so it'll be free, reliable, free, secure, and free.

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