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June 27, 2007

This Better Not Be A Dud

Ugh. My MacBook's battery is apparently defective, at least according to Apple's Tech Support.

The battery won't charge and the MagSafe connector's LED is always green even if the battery isn't at 100%. It won't charge unless I reset the System Management Controller and then resetting the PRAM and NVRAM. Once it's fully charged and then discharged partially the same problem repeats itself until I reset it again.

I've called Apple's Tech Support about it once before today and when I called earlier today they quickly agreed to replace the battery. I am impressed with the service I've received from them. It's significantly better than support calls I've made to Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, and Toshiba in the past (before they all switched to overseas call centers.)

I only hope it's not a problem with the power brick, MagSafe connector, or the power manager which might require the notebook to be serviced. I'd hate to be without the MacBook for any period of time.

Update: 27.06.07 01:57PM - Just received the replacement battery. They sent it over night via DHL. That was nice and unexpected.

The battery they sent is black however it doesn't match the paint on my MacBook. The old one matched perfectly. Not nice.

I'm not sure if it's worth complaining to Apple about but I'm wondering if the battery they sent is a refurb that faded or are the batteries painted along with the case and that's the reason for the color variation? Anyone know?

I'm charging the "new" battery now with the MacBook powered off. The MagSafe connector's LED is amber and the LEDs on the battery are indicating that it is charging. Once it's fully charged I'll have to test it out and then make sure that it recharges again.

Update: 28.06.07 01:18AM - I had to call Apple again as the new battery wouldn't charge either. They had me download the Battery Update again and also Calibrating your computer's battery for best performance. I'm currently on step 6 and going to allow it to charge overnight. Hopefully this will correct the issue. If not, I think I'm going to just take it all to SmallDog for warranty repair.

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