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June 28, 2007

Would I Still Recommend Apple?

My friend Amanda asked if I'd still recommend a MacBook after the problems I've been experiencing with mine. The answer is yes, and without any hesitation. Here's why...

I've owned Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, Sager, Sony, and Toshiba notebooks and none have been without hardware problems in addition to the typical Windows instability and insecurity problems. Some were worse than others, with Dell and Sager being at the bottom of the pack.

Notebooks are very complicated devices that cram lots of hot electronics closely together and because of size and power restrictions typically don't have enough cooling. The competition for low prices has also forced all the manufactures to make and assemble them as cheaply as possible overseas so there is an increased risk of manufacturing defects. When you buy a notebook it should be expected that it'll be less reliable than a desktop would be.

If all notebooks have more problems why buy them? Simply, it's for the portability and convenience of them. It's hard to get work done without one. Therefore, you at least want to get the most reliable and best designed notebook and I feel that's still Apple.

Apple consistently tops all reliability and satisfaction surveys and my own experience with their Tech Support has been remarkably better than I've ever experienced with any other notebook vendor...even if I included my past experiences when all the other notebook vendor's support staff were still based in the US.

I've placed three calls so far about this battery problem and never had to wait more than 5 minutes to speak to a tech. I didn't get bounced around or asked to repeat my problem to more than one person. I didn't get asked for my serial number by a phone system, then another person AND then get transferred to a tech. The first person I was spoke with took immediate ownership of my call and worked with me to resolve the problems. I wasn't forced to go through the troubleshooting steps that I already did on previous calls or forced to preform other troubleshooting tasks that I already did before calling. I was treated respectfully, not like an idiot. It's for these reasons that Apple's support is remarkably different and better.

I've had similar battery problems with a new Dell and Sony notebook and it was a much longer and frustrating experience to get the battery replaced and the problem was never completely solved with that Dell.

I think we got it now but if not I can take to my local Apple reseller for the warranty replacement or service. No packing and shipping headaches and worrying that the box will arrive at the warranty depot empty or empty on it's way back to me.

When it comes to the MacBook itself you can tell with just one look that it's much more advanced than any other PC notebook. Everything about it is nicer and better designed than it's PC counterparts. I've ranted enough about how much I hate Windows so I'm not even going to get into why I like the Mac OS so much more.

It's for all these reasons that I still would recommend the MacBook and Apple to friends.

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