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June 29, 2007

Huzzah! FolderShare Works On Macs Again

My synchronizing problems are almost completely solved thanks to the guys at Microsoft's FolderShare. As I reported a few days ago they reached out to me to help resolve the issues I was experiencing with it.

After sending them FolderShare's logs and performing a few test for them, they determined that FolderShare's Encryption Transfers feature was the cause of the problem. Once the the encryption was disabled on all my FolderShare devices it started syncing all the shared folders.

They still need to further investigate why the encryption is not working on some (if not all) Intel Mac OS X Tiger installations. I hope they will have an update soon because it'll be a pain in the neck to always close FolderShare every time I connect to an insecure network. I'd also like to see them release a Universal Binary version.

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I also had the same problem. and I figured out looking at the logs and on my own that it might be because of encryption. The problem it seems is that MAC foldershare client has 256 bit encryption and the Windows Foldershare client has 128 bit encryption. So, they cannot decrypt the files sent by the other party. It is definitely encryption. BUT THIS IS A HUGE SECURITY RISK. I am surprised that Microsoft has not fixed this already and I do not think this should be a hard fix for them at all. The best thing from MSFT and foldershare was its ability to share folders and files in a safe manner using encryption. Taking encryption off makes it useless when you are mobile as you mentioned.

I HOPE Microsoft fixes this soon and comes back to us with a solution. I am also going to approach Microsoft to request them to fix it and then wait for a while before posting this security issue to popular blogs such as Digg etc. to gain some huge publicity to get MSFT's attention.


Posted by: Maan at August 7, 2007 11:58 AM

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