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July 10, 2007

3 Must Read Posts About Digg and Digg Traffic

  1. Digg Traffic Spike is not Sustainable? by Jeremiah Owyang
    I don’t believe that Digg traffic provides long-term sustainable traffic for the following reasons: 1) It’s more of ‘viral’ or ’spike’ traffic that hits and moves on 2) I’m not writing about the right content that the Digg audience cares for. I may be wrong, are any of you from the “Digg Army” and have stuck with me?

    While I see a little bit of a long term effect, I can’t conclude that it’s a direct result of Digg traffic. I don’t see any growth in feed subscriptions either. Maybe there’s a long term ‘imprinting’ type of effect that may happen if one gets on Digg over and over, but I doubt that will happen in the near future.

  2. Why StumbleUpon Sends More Traffic Than Digg by Darren Rowse
    Digg traffic has dropped to next to nothing (today it generated 6 page views) - yet StumbleUpon continues to send traffic (today it’s already at 500 page views - 6 weeks after the post was written).

  3. Digg Bait and Switch by Stephan Spencer
    So then what's the benefit of getting dugg and getting all those links, you may ask. There really isn't much of one, since you aren't passing that hard-earned link juice on to your home page, product pages, etc. Unless... you add all your links, ads and commercial content to your dugg page as soon as the Digg traffic has died down.

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