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September 11, 2007

Best MacBook Bag On Earth

I've always loved Booq bags. I first heard them about 5 years ago when I got a new Dell notebook and a friend recommended I get a Booq bag for i. That bag always out-shined that ugly Dell.

When I got my new MacBook I was forcing it into an older Booq Mamba.XS bag for a few weeks. I originally purchased the Mamba.XS for my old Sony Vaio a few years ago. That bag is meant for a 12" notebook such as that Vaio but the MacBook still fit. However, it was a very tight fit and I never felt it was a very safe in there as it almost compeltely compressed the padding along all the edges.

After bumping the MacBook a few times while it was in the bag and nervously pulling it out to check for damage, I knew it was time to finding a bag that it properly could fit in. I also wanted something that would have more room for all the stuff I lug around everywhere. This in mind I decided I wanted a messenger style bag as a nicely designed one could hold a lot of goodies and would still be professional looking enough that it wouldn't be out of place in a professional business environment.

Since I was looking for something professional looking it pretty much eliminated everything by Crumpler, which was where I looked first. (By the way, they have the WORST web site ever!) I then took a look at Spire's courier bags and one my wife suggested I look at, Brenthaven. But, I found both companies' offerings very unimpressive when compared to Booq's bags.


After carefully comparing all the Booq Bags for the MacBook I decided on the Folee XS as it appeared to have everything I was looking for and then some.


First off the pocket for the MacBook is well padded and protected. It also has pockets for everything else I carry; PDA, iPod, earphones, Pentax Optio-S camera, notebook mouse, MacBook charger and APC notebook surge protector, leatherman, flashlight, lens cleaner and lens cloths, business papers, spiral notebook, 3 to 1 electrical outlet adapter, ethernet cable, USB cable, Firewire cable, Altoids tin, and my keys. Even with all that, not all the pockets are filled!

The Folee XS is comfortable to wear on your shoulder even when fully loaded thanks to its padded shoulder pad which doesn't slip or slide off. All the exterior fabrics are very rugged and thick to withstand and hold up to every day use and continue looking great. It is also water-repellent to protect against rain.

As with all other Booq bags the straps are similar to auto seat belts and are extremely strong and well made. I have 4 different booq bags, now 5 and never had one fray or fall apart but it is still good knowing they each comes with a 5 year warranty.

As soon as I get a MacBook Pro I'll order a PythonXL[System].

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