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July 16, 2008

Drill here, drill now just isn't enough

Congress and the Administration need to get their act together and do more to lower gas, oil, and energy costs and fast. They're playing political games with our future, by hoping they will have something positive to promote just in time for the November elections, while it's fresh in our minds. Meanwhile, we're all suffering now, and suffering greatly.

To make matters worse I feel that all the current proposals do not do enough. Besides the need for more domestic drilling in the US and off shore drilling, there still remains a huge need for more oil refineries and power plants. The construction of both can help greatly relieve our pain at the gas pumps in the future.

An idea I had is there are dozens of closed or closing US Naval bases along our coasts and I bet many of them would make perfect locations for new oil refineries due to their port locations, docks, and moorings. Where the bases/ports are not deep or large enough, they could be used for new nuclear power plants.

I think if the government built these on these Federal lands, they might be able to bypasses a lot of local and state permitting to speed up the process. The facility then can be leased to private corporations which will operate them.

The government makes a profit on the deal, the corporations profit by operating the facilities, jobs are created in these areas where there were job losses due to the base closings, and we save money on our fuel and power bills and at the pumps.

We have to build these somewhere, we might as well do it in communities that need the jobs.

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