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May 23, 2009

My Twitter Follow Policy

I love Twitter. I even have a couple accounts. vtphotog for photography, birding, and Vermont related tweets and usrbingeek for IRC, politics, and more general subjects. However, Twitter is not completely free from drama or problems.

Recently, I silently unfollowed someone without any comment because of their constant personal attacks on another person that I followed. I have no interest in getting involved in their argument and wasn't getting anything valuable from following this person anyway so it wasn't a hard call to make. But, they must use one of those follow management services because they immediately sent me a particularly nasty email that restated some of their rants about the other person and also chastised me for unfollowing them. This situation has motivated me to put together this formal Twitter Follow Policy:

In general I follow my friends, associates, photographers, Vermonters and others that are otherwise interesting or funny, but only if I believe they are genuine, know what they're talking about and aren't insulting or disagreeable.

I don't try to limit my follower count to some arbitrary number but there are some things that will ensure that I wouldn't reciprocate your follow or could cause me to unfollow you, or maybe even block you. In no particular order, they are:

  • Personal attacks or hate speech against any group or individual;
  • Excessive updates within a very short period and are about nothing special;
  • Excessive rants in all capital letters;
  • Any Squidoo or Knol links or links to any "make money online" site that is just as bottom feeding and ridiculous as Squidoo;
  • "*ad*" or "paid to twitter" posts;
  • All or nearly all your posts are '@' relipes and are of no interest to anyone but who you're replying to (that's what DMs are for!!);
  • Every, or nearly every twitter, is a link to your blog, your RSS feed, or something else you're promoting;
  • You appear to be a minor and act like it;
  • Bathroom updates or toilet humor (You're not Howard Stern, nor do I want to follow him either);
  • DMs or excessive posts about #spymaster;
  • Spammy with #followfriday (Don't be lazy or stupid and recommend the same accounts every week);
  • Spammy posts about generating so many followers per day by signing up for a crummy service like tweeterfollow;
  • Multiple "listening to" twitters within a short period;
  • Automated DMs;
  • If your profile doesn't mention your real name, where you're located, and/or have a photograph of yourself;
  • No updates and I don't know you in real life;
  • Appear to be a bot or any other type of spammer.
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