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June 17, 2008
-Firefox Must Have Extentions Update
I'm not upgrading to Firefox 3 today but I did update my post, Must Have Firefox Extentions. Added today: No Squint: Zooms and remembers text size selection for each web...
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May 07, 2008
-Yahoo Sponsored Search Button
I've received the strangest thing in the mail today from Yahoo! Sponsored Search. Watch the video to see what it was and find out more. This episode of is...
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December 15, 2007
-It's So Close To Being A Digg Killer, I Can Taste It
Google Reader is another step closer to being a Digg Killer with Google's announcement, "Reader and Talk are Friends!" So, we've linked up Reader with Google Talk (also known as...
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September 17, 2007
-Best New Rules Yet
No one is safe from Bill Maher and that's why I love him. Watch Bill live on HBO on Friday nights or at least one of the replays during the...
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September 10, 2007
-Why is Google Reader's Gears Implementation Still Such A Kluge?
If you have Google Gears installed you can download and read up to 2000 items from your RSS subscriptions in Google Reader when least that's the way it works...
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September 06, 2007
-The Search Company Finally Adds Search
Well, at least Google Reader finally has search. Wasn't it odd that a company known for search didn't have a search feature in their RSS reader? Hard to believe it...
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July 01, 2007
-Do web sites need Standardized URLs?
Alex Iskold has an interesting post on Read/Write Web that is proposing a standardized URL schema and directory structure for web sites. The basic idea behind standard URLs is simple...
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June 30, 2007
-There Is A Good GTD Web App (How To Stay Organized)
A few days ago I asked why isn't GTD an AJAXy web app? Before writing that post I looked at some of the web app Getting Things Done (GTD)/todo lists...
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June 25, 2007
-Getting Things Done, Why Isn't It A Web App?
I've always been obsessive about being organized and completing things. Since the release of the first PalmPilot I was using the Palm PDAs (owned 4 Palm PDAs) and the Palm...
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June 21, 2007
-Google and Apple Together At Last? Don't Bet On it.
With the iPhone's launch date nearing it's not that surprising that buyout rumors are becoming more prevalent. Some of these rumors might sound plausible but they just don't work financially....
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June 01, 2007
-Google Reader Updates, Still not a Digg Killer
Google Reader got quite an update but it's still not where it should be. If only the Reader team would take this app a little further and add the Digg...
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May 27, 2007
-My Love Hate Relationship With Skype
Since switching to Mac I've developed a love hate relationship with Skype. When on Windows I dumped Skype completely in favor of Google Talk, but, since there is still no...
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May 26, 2007
-Google forbids children to use it?!
Roger Browne is questioning a passage from Google's Terms of Service that reads: "Your use of Google’s ... web sites ... is subject to the terms of a legal agreement...
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May 23, 2007
-Google Increases Attachment Size Limits
Gmail has raised the maximum attachment size from 10MB to 20MB but be forewarned that many other email providers don't allow you to send or receive messages with attachments this...
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May 21, 2007
-Dumb Design Rules Should Be Broken
Wired laments that Google's New Homepage Breaks Basic Web Design Rule since it requires JavaScript to access some of Google's featured searches and related sites. The Image, Video, News, and...
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May 04, 2007
-Google should buy Starbucks?!
Sheldon Liber is once again at it saying that Google should buy Starbucks. Yes, he means the Coffee Retailer! So this is why I still think Google should buy Starbucks...
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April 28, 2007
-AOL Completely Lost It's Direction
AOL is completely lost without Jason Calacanis and Jon Miller. So much so, that AOL has resorted to copying Yahoo. I mean, if you're going to copy someone, at...
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March 23, 2007
-Google Reader: Digg Killer, Revisted
Back in December when I posted Google Reader could be a Digg killer I never thought that that short post and idea would still be actively debated four months later....
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March 05, 2007
-Google and Apple working Together?
At Morgan Stanley's Technology Conference in San Francisco Eric Schmidt, Google's Chief Executive Officer, said that Google and Apple are working together on "many more" new projects. In response to...
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February 16, 2007
-Google Ads Probably Coming to Games
RedHerring is reporting that Google has Agreed to Buy Adscape Media. Adscape brings their AdverPlay solution to the table which allows game developers to place dynamic ads inside game environments....
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February 10, 2007
-Google Reader's Missing Feature
For the love god I need a fracking way to filter out any article containing specific phrases. For example phrases like: "Anna Nicole""Anna-Nicole""Howard K. Stern""Howard K Stern""Howard Stern""Larry Birkhead""Prince Frederick...
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January 03, 2007
-Google Reader Trends; Another Step Toward Digg?
digg_url = ''; Things are starting to get very interesting and cool at Google Reader. If I were at Digg, I'd be watching this closely and maybe getting a...
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January 01, 2007
-Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007!
This will be brief... Predictions: Digg will falter.TiVo will be purchased by Google, Yahoo, or Apple.Google will purchase a company that will surprise everyone.Nikon will introduce a replacement for the...
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December 27, 2006
-Google Reader as a Digg Killer? Update
Two weeks ago I had a passing thought and I wrote Google Reader could be a Digg killer!?!???? and I since forgot about it. That was until last night when...
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December 26, 2006
-Google Toolbar Custom Buttons
I love the Google Toolbar. I feel like I have one hand tied behind my back when I have to use a browser that doesn't have it installed. A...
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December 13, 2006
-Google Reader could be a Digg killer!?!????
digg_url = ''; Since posting about My Shared Items, the following occurred to me. If Google Reader aggregated and displayed how many people Shared each post and then calculated...
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-My Shared Items
Back in September, Google Reader updated with a completely new look and feel featuring folder navigation, unread item counts and the ability to mark items as read or unread. It...
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October 24, 2006
-Photographer's Search Engine
Google Co-Op Custom Search is rock solid and amazingly cool. I've quickly updated all the AdSense Search boxes on to use it. Major improvement! Not only are the...
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June 08, 2006
-My Most Wished For Firefox Extension Finally Comes To Be
Google Browser Sync is a Firefox extension that continuously synchronizes your browser settings including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords across all your computers. It also allows...
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December 15, 2005
-Firefox Must Have Extentions Update
I've updated my list of Must Have Firefox Extentions to include Viamatic foXpose and the Google Safe Browsing Extentions. With the Viamatic FoXpose extension, you can click on the icon...
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December 03, 2005
-Firefox 1.5 Released and Must Have Extensions Update
The best web browser just got much better. Version 1.5 of the Firefox Web Browser has finally been released from months of beta testing and development. The first thing you'll...
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September 20, 2005
-Secure Google Wifi Across the US?
At the time of this posting I could access and and even download the application. Screen shots: Apparently Google is test launching a WiFi service in San Francisco...
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August 24, 2005
-Google Talk Now Available and Easter Egg Uncovered!
After much speculation and rumor, Google has just launched its IM/Voice Chat product, Google Talk. Rumors flew throughout the day until the application was officially announced in a cryptic message...
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April 19, 2005
-AdSenseLog - Check and analyze your Adsense ads stats
I came across an interesting shareware program to analyze Google Adsense ads data (content, search and even your ad channels). It analyzes your Adsense data and produces extensive statistical reports...
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April 13, 2005
-Google launches Video Upload Program
Google launched the Google Video Search not to long ago and now they're offering to host your videos with the new Google Video Upload Program now in beta. Submitted videos...
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April 08, 2005
-Firefox, why aren't you using it? Must Have Firefox Extensions
This post is mostly for my non-geek friends that aren't already using the Firefox Web Browser or heaven forbid are not even aware of it. Firefox is a free, faster,...
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March 02, 2004
-New Google Tricks
Google once again adds some cool new features to the service. (I only wish they would also work on fixing the rankings and putting a stop to Google Bombing). Wireless...
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December 18, 2003
-More New Google Features
Google quietly introduced a few new features this month. I think the most useful of these is the Search By Numbers feature. With it you can enter a UPS or...
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November 09, 2003
-Google Deskbar, a must have!
Google has released a toolbar for Windows, the Google Deskbar. It allows you to search Google (and other sites, more on that later) from any application without lifting your fingers...
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August 19, 2003
-New Google Tricks
Google has quietly introduced a few (very cool) new features that most people are not aware of. Calculator Google has added a calculator and converter to its standard search...
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