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Groupee & UBB.classic
December 10, 2005
-How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?
I'm unsure of the origin of this but it made me laugh out loud. Lee, thanks for forwarding it to me. 1 to change the light bulb and to...
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July 05, 2005
-Goodbye Infopop, Hello Groupee.
Infopop Corporation officially changes their name to Groupee, Inc. this week. While I'm not as upset by the name change as some are I do think the name has a...
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May 20, 2003
-UBB.xDevelopers Community
UBBDev will be launching UBB.xDevelopers to provide a Development Community for the UBB.x message board software. Since I'm still a newbie to UBB.x I'll only be moderating the Chit Chat...
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January 14, 2003
-UBB.Classic Login Self Help Update
I've just finished updating my Login Self Help modification for Infopop's UBB.Classic. Login Self Help allows you to easily add instructions on your UBB Login page that explain why someone...
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December 09, 2002
-UBB.classic 6.4 Public Beta
Infopop publicly released the UBB.classic Beta Release 1.0 to the Member's Area on Friday. Some of the new features and changes include: Content Islands that allow you to feature your...
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September 19, 2002
-UBB.classic 6.4 Development Beta 2.0
Testing it now but I can't tell you more about it. Well, maybe I can give you a hint... Hmm how did this get here?!...
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August 23, 2002
-6.4.0 Development Beta 1
After much wait Infopop released UBB 6.4.0 Development Beta 1 to the Beta Team this afternoon. I'm downloading it right now and might install it on after I eat...
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