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November 21, 2008
-FolderShare works so of course Microsoft plans to FUBAR it
When Microsoft acquired FolderShare in November of 2005, I immediately started to wonder how long it would take for Microsoft to FUBAR it. To my surprise, Microsoft somehow managed to...
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October 09, 2007
-Reason #4712 Why I Hate Windows
Apparently Microsoft is now rebooting Windows XP after applying Automatic Updates without asking if it's okay to reboot. I thought this is why my machine rebooted last month but I...
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June 29, 2007
-Huzzah! FolderShare Works On Macs Again
My synchronizing problems are almost completely solved thanks to the guys at Microsoft's FolderShare. As I reported a few days ago they reached out to me to help resolve the...
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June 26, 2007
-A Solution To Mac Syncing Problems?
An update to Friday's post, Synchronizing Macs Seems Impossible. I've received an email Monday from someone at Microsoft offering to help me resolve the issues I'm experiencing with FolderShare! I've...
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June 18, 2007
-Why am I still using Windows?
Parallels is losing its luster for me. Well, actually, it's not so much Parallels. It's fracking Windows. I'm completely fed up with Windows and leaving it running just for mIRC....
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June 09, 2007
-Microsoft's IIS Makes Malware Authors Happy
Google's Online Security Blog claims that Microsoft IIS servers are more than twice as likely to be used to deliver malware to visitors. We examined about 70,000 domains that over...
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May 18, 2007
-Best "Get A Mac" Ad Isn't On TV
This Mac ad hasn't appeared on US TV, nor is it on the Apple's TV Ads page. Strange because it's the best one yet....
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May 03, 2007
-Dell Offering Ubuntu? Too Little, Too Late?
InfoWorld reports that Dell will begin offering Ubuntu preinstalled on some of its computers in place of Windows. But is this move too little, too late? All the PC OEMs...
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March 16, 2007
-Need a new PC for Vista? Switch to Mac and get more bang for your buck
James E. Gaskin of Network World isn't yet a "Mac dabbler" or even a Mac user, but, he has smartly realized that a switch to Mac gives you more for...
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February 27, 2007
-Microsoft: You might be a pirate
Microsoft has released an update to Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA,) an anti-piracy tool Microsoft requires be installed to download updates from the company. The update flags installations of Windows as...
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January 02, 2006
-WMF exploits show the weaknesses OR why you shouldn't use a free anti-virus
YOUR COMPUTER WILL BE INFECTED IF YOU DON'T ACT NOW! All versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP are known to be vulnerable to a...
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November 04, 2005
-Microsoft has purchased FolderShare
You might recall that I blogged about FolderShare before and have recommended the service to everyone with multiple computers. Today I learned that Microsoft has purchased FolderShare and its now...
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October 23, 2005
-The Microsoft Protection Racket
John C. Dvorak's latest column, The Microsoft Protection Racket is a must read. Excerpt: Microsoft has stayed away from the antivirus, antispyware game for a long time because it knew...
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October 08, 2003
-The latest fad
August was the month of the worms. September was the month of the Spam-Worms. October could easily be the month of IE Exploits. It seems the new trend is to...
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September 12, 2003
-Disable the Windows DCOM/RPC Remote Once And For All
I've been talking about the problems with Window's DCOM remote for a while. Microsoft has just recently released another update (their third!) to fix this service but unfortunately its still...
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-Oh Crap!
Jeffery Zeldman has a very interesting and scary item on IE, Flash, and patents: here comes trouble. Besides paying over half a billion dollars to the patent holder, Microsoft is...
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August 15, 2003
-Worm Fall Out
Despite making calls, sending emails and IMs to close friends and family, and posting several warnings about the Windows DCOM/RPC Remote Exploitation and the MSBlaster Worm on this blog, I'm...
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August 01, 2003
-Attention Windows Users:
If you want to keep all your data this summer then you need to do a few things right now and also change your behavior in the future. Over the...
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December 14, 2002
-Unprotected systems will be our downfall
Now more than ever we need to be concerned with keeping our anti-virus definitions and security updates up to date. ComputerWorld's recent story, War with Iraq will mean virus outbreak,...
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October 04, 2002
-Smarter Than The Average Bear
So if you are living under a rock you might not heard about the W32/[email protected] virus. It's notable because of the high number of ways it can infect systems and...
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September 14, 2002
-WinXP SP1
For months now many IT security professionals known about a file in Windows XP that could be exploited to deleted files. The exploit and source code remained relatively secret and...
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