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July 16, 2008
-Drill here, drill now just isn't enough
Congress and the Administration need to get their act together and do more to lower gas, oil, and energy costs and fast. They're playing political games with our future, by...
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March 19, 2008
-How To Harass Your Credit Card Company Into A Lower Rate
CBC News has reported that they were able to help some people lower their credit card interest rates by calling the credit card company and asking: I think I've been...
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October 05, 2007
-Five Blogs That Make Me Think (The Thinking Blog Award)
meeyauw awarded me the Thinking Blogger Award back in August. Sorry, I've been so damn busy that I really haven't had a chance to look through all my RSS feeds...
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August 18, 2007
-Bye Bye Yahoo Messenger
I've had it with Yahoo Messenger because of the pervasive IM spam I get through it and the constant stream of security vulnerabilities. If there was a way to limit...
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August 03, 2007
-Clam Shell Plastic Packages Need to be Banned
Consumerist has a post detailing a story about a guy that stabbed himself with an x-acto knife trying to open a plastic clam shell package. My colleague came to work...
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July 24, 2007
-Starbucks Raising Prices July 31
Seattle Post-Intelligencer is reporting that Starbucks will be raising most beverages at their company owned stores an average of 9 cents on July 31. The roughly 3 percent price bump...
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July 08, 2007
-A look at alternative energy projects
Dark Roasted Blend took a look at many Alternative Energy Mega Projects around the world. It's good to see that Tidal Power is getting more attention worldwide. I first heard...
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June 17, 2007
-Web 2.0 Sites Need Better RSS Integration
A very neat feature that jaiku and tumblr both have is that you can import your RSS feeds and have anything posted to them appear in your jaiku updates or...
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May 24, 2007
-Buyers Remorse Over A Crappy Product?
Techdirt had a good piece earlier this month on how the web is turning everyone into a potential critic and how it can either be a "boon or burden" to...
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April 28, 2007
-AOL Completely Lost It's Direction
AOL is completely lost without Jason Calacanis and Jon Miller. So much so, that AOL has resorted to copying Yahoo. I mean, if you're going to copy someone, at...
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April 12, 2007
-You're Standing Between Me And My Coffee And Someone Is Going To Get Hurt
When coffee shops get busy it's not uncommon for them to ask for your first name to write on your cup, so when your order is ready they can call...
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March 13, 2007
-Many people still can't figure out their email address
I've noticed through running several online communities that require email validation that many people either aren't paying enough attention when they enter their email address or they simply don't know...
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March 08, 2007
-Yahoo Updates My Yahoo :Yawn:
Steve Rubel says the New My Yahoo Signals It Has Abandoned the Geeks. Yahoo is definitely becoming this decade's AOL. The service keeps dumbing down by playing to the lowest...
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March 03, 2007
-USPS To install Slot Machines and Offer Table Dances
OK, not quite, but the United States Postal Service is following the Las Vegas Casino trend of not displaying any clocks. The reports they're doing it to improve customer...
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February 14, 2007
-Forget About Valentines Day? How to save your relationship
1-800-Flowers Delivery Guarantee Isn't Guaranteed today because the weather is less than perfect across most of the Eastern United States. They're even sending out emails to some customers who placed...
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January 28, 2007
-Pot calling kettle black
Yesterday, Robert Scobel ranted, Big gadget sites donít link to blogs and then backed off a bit. But, back when I first wrote Google Reader could be a Digg killer!?!????...
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January 01, 2007
-Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007!
This will be brief... Predictions: Digg will falter.TiVo will be purchased by Google, Yahoo, or Apple.Google will purchase a company that will surprise everyone.Nikon will introduce a replacement for the...
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December 23, 2006
-Five things you didn't know about me
Just when I thought I escaped being tagged for this meme, Bill sneaked up from behind and got me. Five things not commonly known about me: I shudder every time...
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August 17, 2006
-Lets get the brats ready for school...
An actual email, unedited except to add emphasis, as received tonight. All the schools with Zero Tolerance "Weapon" Rules will love these specials....
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February 12, 2006
-Memorandum to Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza
Instead of spending millions developing new types of gimmick pizzas or toppings and marketing them at nauseam, why don't you just make a pizza that tastes good? There must be...
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July 01, 2005
-Cyclists are elitist assholes
I'm sure I'm going to take some heat for the post but I think its time someone finally said it. Cyclists are a road hazard and when they're inevitably hit...
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September 23, 2003
-Who needs seven keys to weight loss?
Dieting isn't brain surgery. You simply have to want to do it. There are no magic pills. There are no secret diets. You can loose weight in only three...
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April 24, 2003
-Baa baaaa baaaa baaaaaaaaa BlogShares: Part II
A few weeks ago I joked that I'm one of the sheep now because I'm joining the BlogShares game. Thanks to being stuck at home with not much energy to...
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February 24, 2003
-Caring for Your Introvert
Now I finally understand why I'm so uncomfortable among a group of friends but at the same time I have no trouble giving a speech and entertaining a room full...
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February 02, 2003
-We must not forget them or why they gave their lives
Everyone deals with grief in different ways and to different degrees. Even though I never knew any of the crew of Columbia personally, I have respect for each of them...
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December 12, 2002
I've never understood the popularity of tattoos or even why they are a turn on for some. They're so permanent and most I've seen are simply ugly in my opinion....
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November 02, 2002
-Important Question
If someone wakes up but no one is around to see they're awake are they really awake? Why don't you disscus it while I get back into bed and go...
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September 20, 2002
-Yea I'm a big boring idiot!
Nothing happened today, will try again tomorrow...
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