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August 08, 2008
-Nikon swings and misses by a hair with the Coolpix P6000
The newly announced Nikon Coolpix P6000 sounds like a real winner when you judge it by the specs reported by DPreview: 13.5 megapixel CCD (effective) 4x wide-angle zoom lens (28...
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August 01, 2008
-AT&T and iPhones in Vermont in August?
The iPhone Vermont blog is reporting that the FCC has approved Verizon's purchase of RCC subject to some stipulations. Those stipulations are to include such issues as Vermont’s only two...
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July 08, 2008
-iPhone 3G Launches Friday, But Don't Look For It In Vermont
Image details: Apple Introduces New iPhone At Worldwide Developers Conference served by picapp.comThanks to our greedy AG, there are no hopes of picking up an iPhone in Vermont this Friday....
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June 13, 2008
-Troubles for AT&T in Vermont?
The Burlington Free Press is reporting that the Vermonters will have to wait on AT&T Service today. You can thank the State's Attorney General, William Sorrell. A side-deal to the...
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June 11, 2008
-AT&T in Vermont Mid July?!
I've received a tip Tuesday that the GSM Towers and GSM Subscribers in Vermont will be handed over to AT&T on or around the middle of July! RCC CMDA subscribers...
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June 09, 2008
-70+ Countries! What about Vermont Steve?
The ugly orange stripped pattern throughout Vermont is what AT&T currently thinks about Vermont... sure you can roam here but don't even consider buying the new iPhone. PARTNER: The areas...
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December 17, 2007
-Wi-Fire Range Extender, A Wardriver's Dream?
Anyone ever try out the Wi-Fire WiFi Range Extender? The manufacturer, hField, claims that it can allow you to "access a wireless Internet connection from up to 1,000 feet...
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December 12, 2007
-Bernie, AT&T Wireless IS Needed In Vermont!
Back in June I posted a rumor that AT&T was planning an expansion in VT. Then in August, when Verizon announced their plans to purchase Unicel, I think I misinterpreted...
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September 10, 2007
-iPod Touch: Vermont's iPhone?
The iPod Touch sounds almost like Apple's direct answer to Vermont's AT&T absence. The iPod Touch has nearly all the features of Apple's iPhone, minus the phone itself (and Google...
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August 01, 2007
-Verizon's Purchase of Unicel Killing VT iPhone Hopes?
Is Verizon Wireless' announced plans to purchase Rural Cellular Corp, better known as Unicel Wireless, the end of Vermonter's dreams to have an Apple iPhone? The deal would instantly give...
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July 17, 2007
-Second Generation iPhone in Time For Xmas?!
Rumors are flying that a second generation Apple iPhone will be out in time for Christmas 2007, most likely in September. The report claims that the new iPhone from Apple...
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July 10, 2007
-AT&T will be the iPhone's Downfall
More evidence that AT&T is the iPhone's weak link...Dan is encouraging all new iPhone owners to carefully check their AT&T Wireless statements. He writes: A $36 activation fee + a...
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July 02, 2007
-Are your shorting AT&T?
If you been following the reviews and reading all the comments of everyone who has bought an Apple iPhone this weekend, the general consensus is that the iPhone itself meet's...
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June 07, 2007
-AT&T Wireless Coming To Vermont?
I've received word from a friend (who is in a position to have reliable information) that AT&T Wireless just may expanding their wireless service to Vermont as part of the...
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June 05, 2007
-iPhone Wishlist; Third Party Applications on iPhone?
The Apple iPhone won't be available here in Vermont as AT&T Wireless doesn't offer service within the state but that hasn't stopped me from lusting after the iPhone and even...
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May 09, 2007
-Starbucks Spokesman Defends Gouging For Internet Access
The hate part of my love/hate relationship with Starbucks is caused by their over priced internet access. I'm half jokingly calling it gouging because what Starbucks broadband partner, T-Mobile, charges...
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February 20, 2007
-Fon delievers; I'm giving away an invite for a Free Fon Router
As previously reported, Fon is giving away 100,000 Routers! and as predicted the promotion ended quick. I've received my free Fon router today and several of my friends, who I...
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February 07, 2007
-Fon is giving away 100,000 Routers!
I wrote about Fon several weeks ago and mentioned that you can join their Free WiFi community by buying a router from them or hacking an existing router. But, now...
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January 04, 2007
-Vermont to have cellular and WiFi access *everywhere* within the state!
digg_url = ''; Vermont Governor Jim Douglas laid out very ambitious plans in his Inaugural Address, "The Vermont Way Forward," today. Amongst many of the compelling ideas he outlined...
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-Are you having FON?
I'm always in need of an open WiFi access point while away from home and came across one that was part of the FON network today. FON claims to...
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September 20, 2005
-Secure Google Wifi Across the US?
At the time of this posting I could access and and even download the application. Screen shots: Apparently Google is test launching a WiFi service in San Francisco...
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August 19, 2003
-Kensington WiFi Finder
A friend just called to tell me about a cool device he saw a visiting IT consultant use at lunch today. Its the Kensington WiFi Finder. With it you...
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September 15, 2002
No these alien like symbols appearing around cities on the sides of buildings and on the backs of street signs weren't left by space aliens or juveniles as gang...
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