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Politics Chat:

Join us in the #politics chat room to discuss all political issues--from political campaigns and races, the war on terrorism, current events, the environment, globalization, animal rights, welfare, trade, court decisions, congress, to almost any other political topic you wish.

We are a very friendly group of individuals from all corners of the political landscape. It doesn't matter if you are a Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist, Communist, or a member of another group or citizen of another country. We always debate issues while respecting each other no matter what someone's view point is. Everyone is welcome provided they don't resort to name calling or hate speech.

How To Enter The Chat:

-Click Here To Launch The Chat Window
...While it loads please read the following for IMPORTANT information:
  • If you choose a nickname that someone else is using you will be assigned a random nickname. To choose another nick type /nick desirednickhere and hit enter.

#Politics' Common Sense Rules:

Abuse of any of the following rules won't be tolerated. We'll inform you if you're violating a rule and ask you to stop. If you fail to comply you may be banned.
  1. Hate speech or any kind of personal attack won't be tolerated. Remember; always debate the opinion and never personally attack the person making it.
  2. In most cases we always permit slang and cussing. If you are easily bothered by swear words you might not like this chat.
  3. The laws that apply in the offline world must be obeyed online. We have zero tolerance for illegal behavior.
  4. No gratuitous plugging or spamming. This means you may mention your web site and give its URL but please don't get carried away by promoting it shamelessly or coming in with the sole purpose of mentioning it.
  5. Don't use all capital letters. If we miss a question, politely ask one more time.
  6. Don't pick overly offensive nicknames or pretend to be someone else.
  7. Don't send anyone a private message without asking their permission first.
  8. Do not scroll or flood, whether by posting text art, changing nicknames ,or typing just a few words per line.
  9. Always respect our Ops and Half Ops. They moderate the discussion and can kick (if needed, and ban) anyone that misbehaves. Their decisions are final and are not up for public discussion (you may private message the ops if you'd like to discuss one of their actions.)
  10. These rules may also be changed at any time without notice.

Other Login Methods:

Our chat is hosted by WyldRyde IRC Network.

If you are already familiar with IRC you may join #politics using an IRC client such as mIRC or even Trillian.

Join the channel #politics at one of these servers.

Add #politics chat script to your Blog or web site:

You may add the #politics IRC chat java client to your website so your visitors may join in on the discussion. Its easy to do, just use WyldRyde's Add a Web Chat To Your Web Site tool to generate the script for your site. You're welcome to just use #politics or if you want, start your very own channel.

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