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How To Contact Me:

When and when not to instant message me:
Last year I nearly had to stop using AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN completely because I was getting too many messages from casual acquaintances and their entire conversation amounted to the type of small talk that people make in elevators just to be polite.

I'll gladly speak with you if you have to ask me a question or if you want to share some news or something else with me. BUT, don't message me just to say "HI," to talk about the weather, or other idle small talk!

I don't want to appear to be unfriendly or even rude by not responding or even resorting to blocking someone but this is the only solution left for me.

In short, my time is money and I simply don't have time for idle small talk that has no real purpose and goes nowhere. Please use some judgment and common sense. If it is so unimportant that you wouldn't make call because it cost you money then it's probably not worth messaging.

I'm a Photographer, not a programmer:
I cannot help you code something or code something for you! I code for myself, for fun. I don't do it for a living and I won't do it for money. So, I'm sorry, but I won't respond to coding questions via email or IM.

Away, Busy, Sleeping, etc:
While I have your attention on the subject of Instant Messaging I should note that if I'm marked as Away, Busy, or Sleeping then hey, guess what?! I'm doing one of those! I'm not ignoring you, I'm simply not able to reply and I most likely will not return to my computer for several hours or until the next morning. Sometimes even the next week!

When I'm Away, Busy, Sleeping, etc, you're welcome to email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. When I set my client to Away, Busy, or Sleeping it closes all messages received and I don't even see them so please don't bother to Instant Message me then.

Where to find me:
If you read all the above and agree to these principals then you may instant message me using the following services:

  • AIMAIM: usrbingeek
  • E-mail: (The slowest way to get hold of me!)
  • Google Talk: usrbingeek
  • ICQ: 9098189
  • IRC: My nick is usrbingeek.
  • SkypeSkype: usrbingeek
  • MSN:
  • Send me a videomail:

Thank you for your cooperation,

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