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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you do for a living?
    I'm an Event and Commercial Photographer (product, architectural, hospitality, tourism and portraits for Business/Enterprise).

  2. Can you tell me more about yourself?
    I'm 44 years old. Single and looking for a relationship. I grew up and went to college in South Florida and then moved to Vermont in 1995. You can find out more on my About Me page.

  3. Which cameras do you own?
    I have a bunch of cameras and lenses and what I carry around with me is constantly changing but you can see which cameras I own and what is currently in my photography bags here.

  4. Canon or Nikon?
    Personally I have chosen to shoot with Nikon equipment and stay with them for several reasons including:
    • I've made a considerable investment in Nikon Nikkor Lenses and Nikon Accessories and switching would be very costly.
    • I prefer the ergonomics and feel of Nikon bodies.
    • I'm very used to Nikon's menus and controls and prefer the way everything is displayed. Someone aptly said, "Canons are the best cameras available designed by engineers, and that Nikons are the best cameras one can buy designed by photographers."

  5. Do you hate Canon?
    Nikon and Canon make fine bodies and lenses for the most part and you really cannot go wrong by choosing either!

  6. What camera should I get
    Every photographer I know gets asked this question way too often and it's a difficult thing to answer because there are so many cameras on the market, all for different uses, and models are always coming and going which makes it hard for most photographers to keep up with what is new. But you're in luck because I pay close attention to the consumer, prosumer, and pro camera models because, to be frank, I'm a camera junkie and would buy them all if I could. I maintain this listing of my most recommended cameras and accessories and you can get the best prices and deals here! But before you buy I recommend you also read the specs carefully and some reviews to make sure it does what you want it to do. Take a look at as they seem to be the least biased and honest with their reviews.

  7. Mac or PC?
    Back in May 2007 I purchased my first Mac and I'll never go back!

  8. Why do you hate Windows?
    I was a Windows user since Windows 3.0. I purchased and used every version of Windows. The more I used Vista the more I became convinced that continuing to buy Microsoft products and upgrading my PCs was wasted money.

    I've found for every program that's available on Windows, there is a BETTER program that does the same [and more] features on the Mac OS. (Well...except games. I've never been much of a gamer so it hasn't had any effect on me.)

    But most of all, I find Macs have an advantage over Windows because of their reliability and quality. They just work.

    How many weeks have you spent the majority of time trying to get your fracking Windows machine to boot and run without BSODing or run without problems than actually using it for real work? How many times do you have to reboot every every day...what am I saying...I mean every hour?! It's ridiculous to have a machine that's supposed to make your life more productive but it's almost never ready to work when you are. In short, you simply don't have the anywhere near the amount of problems you have on Windows machines on Macs.

    Windows machines have always been prone to driver problems and hardware incompatibilities and this plays a big part in their unreliability. If it's not bad/failed driver updates or just a lousy driver thats not ready for prime time, it's something else. I don't know if it's because PC vendors and the hardware companies simply don't care, are rushing to put out products, are incapable of releasing reliable drivers due to problems with Windows itself and its development model, or if it all comes down to the vast amount of hardware out there that Windows can run on that there will always be some incompatibilities that weren't foreseen. It may even be a combination of these. Whatever the case, you usually have a machine that's more trouble to keep running than actually use. This is the case with systems that are specifically built for the version of Windows they're running and home-builts. It's an unavoidable problem on most systems and if you never had driver problems on your Windows machines you've been one of the very lucky few!

    Macs also always been much more secure out of their box and are not as prone to security vulnerabilities, exploits, and viruses as Windows machines. I don't want to have to be a security expert to use my computer. I just want to be able to read my email and surf web pages without fear of clicking on the wrong thing and getting infected by the virus du jour.

    Thanks but no thanks Windows, I've went Mac and I'm not going back!

  9. How many computers do you have?
    My computer gear is constantly changing. You can see what I have now, here

  10. Do you have dual monitors?
    No, I don't but I would sure love to!

  11. What photography software do you use?
    I love Apple Aperture and the Nik Software Complete Collection and would be "out of business" without them! I also use Nikon Capture NX and Nikon Camera Control Pro. I very rarely use Adobe Photoshop so I stopped upgrading after CS2.

  12. What are you favorite Mac Applications?
    Coda, Apple Aperture, MarsEdit and TextExpander.

    Also see my list of 50 Must Have Mac Applications.

  13. When Ustreaming, what web cam do you use?
    Sometimes I'll use my JVC Everio GZHD3 but more often than not it's easier and simpler for me to just use my iMac's iSight or even one of my iPhones.

  14. When Ustreaming, what microphone do you use?
    It depends. I'm probably using my Samson C01UCW Studio Microphone or the internal microphone on an iMac. Sometimes I dig out either my Zoom H4n, Rode Video Mic, or Rode Video Mic Pro.

  15. How did you come up with usrbingeek?
    I wanted something very unique and original and could also be trademarked. As I was writing Perl scripts at the time I decided on using a word play on the first line of most Perl scripts, #!/usr/bin/perl.

  16. Did you design this web site?
    Yes, I created the entire design myself. The backend uses a heavily customized version of Moveable Type but I'm in the process of porting the site over to Wordpress. No ETA to completion.

  17. Can you design my web site? Can you help me code something?
    I'm a Photographer, not a programmer. I cannot help you code something or code something for you! I code for myself, for fun. I don't do it for a living and I won't do it for money. So, I'm sorry, but I cannot help you design a web site, code something, and won't respond to coding questions.

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